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Cammack Announces "Good Governance Coalition"

These public servants know Kat Cammack is armed with the knowledge needed to lead FL-03

Gainesville, FL - Kat Cammack, the Constitutional conservative candidate for Congress in Florida's Third Congressional District, is announcing her Good Governance Coalition, backed by an incredible group of public servants. This coalition is made up of mayors, councilmen, and commissioners who work each and everyday for our communities and our families.

Cammack's Good Governance Coalition is the sixth coalition that she has announced in recent weeks, the first five being her America First Coalition, Young Americans for Kat Coalition, Second Amendment Coalition, Faith and Pro-life Coalition, and First Responders for Kat.

Kat Cammack made the following statement in response to releasing her Good Governance Coalition:

“Each and every one of these officials were elected to serve the people of their respective constituencies. I am honored to have this coalition of devoted public servants standing behind my campaign. During my time as Congressman Ted Yoho's Deputy Chief of Staff, I have had the opportunity to build solution-oriented relationships with each of these coalition members and worked to solve problems across the district in conjunction with them.

"I have already had the experience needed to expand past the boundaries of federal jurisdiction to work with these local leaders. In order to ensure the small towns of Florida's 3rd are protected and represented, my experiences with these elected officials are vital. In Representative Yoho's congressional office, we took great pride in being responsive and available. These relationships across the District were an enormous help in successfully and swiftly completing casework. I am incredibly proud of the small towns in Florida's Third Congressional District, and I am humbled to have the support of these leaders who lead with great integrity and grit as I run for Congress."

Good Governance Coalition members gave the following statements:

Gib Coerper, Mayor, City of Alachua, FL:

“Kat is personally involved in all issues both here at home and in DC. Kat knows the problems that we, in the city of Alachua, care about, and she will be a champion for our district. This coalition exemplifies her responsiveness to local officials and her ability to legislate on the issues that are most important to us. I am honored to sit on the Good Government Coalition and I look forward to working with Kat when she gets to Washington D.C.”

Paul Norfleet, City Commissioner, City of Newberry, FL:

“I am honored to be apart of Kat Cammack’s Good Governance Coalition. I have known Kat for years now, and I’m proud to support her in her bid for Congress in Florida’s Third Congressional district. She is knowledgeable on the issues that are most important to the small towns and cities that make up the district, and I can’t wait to have her as my representative on the Hill.”

Gayward Hendry, Chairman, Clay County Commission, FL:

“Kat has been a loyal and dedicated employee of Congressman Yoho during his tenure of office in Washington, and has been a loyal and dedicated supporter of agriculture in the state of Florida. Kat is a young, bright, and articulate Republican and has demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities in her role as Ted's Deputy Chief of Staff. She is familiar with the issues pertaining to this district, and she is the representative that our small towns and cities need in Washington D.C. I am proud to support Kat and honored to serve on this coalition.”

  • Brett Peterson, Mayor, Crescent City, FL

  • Gene Melvin, Mayor, Town of Brooker, FL

  • Jordan Marlowe, Mayor, City of Newberry, FL

  • Lisa Kane Devitto, City Commissioner, Crescent City, FL

  • Tony Brown, City Councilman, Keystone Heights, FL

These coalitions are in addition to the scores of local endorsements Kat has earned thus far from community leaders and elected officials, as well as support from national conservatives such as U.S. Senator Rand Paul (R, KY), "We Build the Wall" founder, Brian Kolfage, and the Tea Party Express.

Kat Cammack is a small business owner, a proud wife to a first responder, an alumnus of the United States Naval War College, and the longtime former Deputy Chief of Staff and Campaign Manager to Congressman Ted Yoho (R, FL-03).

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