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Congressional Candidate Kat Cammack Praises President Trump's actions and Sen. Paul

March 17, 2020

Contact: Derek Dufresne; 202-809-6013 AND Faith Allen; 772-285-5001

Congressional Candidate Kat Cammack Praises President Trump's actions and Sen. Paul's call for the IRS to extend tax filing deadline

Gainesville, FL- Kat Cammack, candidate for Congress in Florida's Third Congressional District, praised Senator Rand Paul's (R, KY) call yesterday for the IRS to extend the tax filing deadline to July 15th given the current ramifications of policies enacted due to COVID-19. She is also commending the Trump Administration for their announcement today that the U.S. government will postpone the April 15 deadline for millions of individuals, giving Americans another 90 days to pay their 2019 income-tax bills. Officials are still urging people to file by April 15, especially if they are expecting a refund. Kat Cammack gave the following statement: "I commend President Trump's swift action and Senator Rand Paul for calling on the IRS to extend the tax filing deadline and taking definitive action. Given that small businesses, farms, and families are suffering significant financial hardships due to policies enacted by state and federal governments in our fight against COVID-19, the IRS can wait a little longer to receive their due. We must look at all methods to alleviate economic hardship on working-class Americans in the coming weeks. Now is the time for us to get creative at all levels of government with initiatives such as these and make common-sense adjustments to help our communities during these difficult times." ###

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