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FLORIDA POLITICS: Kat Cammack announces more endorsements, coalition support in CD 3

Former Hampton Mayor James Mitzel joins her list of backers.

Drew Wilson | May 27th, 2020

Republican congressional candidate Kat Cammack announced this week that another coalition has formed to back her campaign for Florida’s 3rd Congressional District.

The “Good Governance Coalition” is the latest in what has become a weekly unveiling for the campaign. The candidate had previously announced an America First CoalitionYoung Americans for Kat CoalitionSecond Amendment CoalitionFaith and Pro-life Coalitionand First Responders for Kat Coalition.

The new group includes Keystone Heights City Council member Tony Brown, Alachua Mayor Gib Coerper, Crescent City Commissioner Lisa Kane Devitto, Clay County Commission Chair Gayward Hendry, Newberry Mayor Jordan Marlowe, Brooker Mayor Gene Melvin, Newberry City Commissioner Paul Norfleet and Crescent City Mayor Brett Peterson.

“Each and every one of these officials were elected to serve the people of their respective constituencies. I am honored to have this coalition of devoted public servants standing behind my campaign. During my time as Congressman Ted Yoho‘s Deputy Chief of Staff, I have had the opportunity to build solution-oriented relationships with each of these coalition members and worked to solve problems across the district in conjunction with them,” Cammack said in a news release.

“I have already had the experience needed to expand past the boundaries of federal jurisdiction to work with these local leaders. In order to ensure the small towns of Florida’s 3rd are protected and represented, my experiences with these elected officials are vital. In Representative Yoho’s congressional office, we took great pride in being responsive and available.

“These relationships across the District were an enormous help in successfully and swiftly completing casework. I am incredibly proud of the small towns in Florida’s Third Congressional District, and I am humbled to have the support of these leaders who lead with great integrity and grit as I run for Congress.”

On Wednesday, the campaign added another endorsement from within the North Central Florida district, this time from former Hampton Mayor James Mitzel.

“I had the pleasure of meeting Kat at several events for the Hampton Veterans’ Memorial Fund. In both a personal and professional capacity as Congressman Ted Yoho’s Deputy Chief of Staff, Kat never misses a chance to show her support and appreciation for those who have served this country. She was also a great public servant when I served on the City Council of Hampton as well,” he said.

“We were able to spend countless times together at the Florida League of Cities as well. It meant a great deal to see someone from the federal level take stake in the local municipalities. Kat is undoubtedly the best choice to take over the work of Congressman Ted Yoho.”

Mitzel joins Brooker Mayor Gene Melvin, “We Build the Wall” founder Brian Kolfage and Kentucky U.S. Sen. Rand Paul in endorsing the campaign. Most members of her Good Governance Coalition had previously issued individual endorsements as well.

Cammack is one of 10 Republicans to qualify for the August primary ballot to succeed Yoho, who announced last year he would not seek a fifth term. She faces Ryan Chamberlin, Todd ChaseBill EngelbrechtJoe Dallas MilladoGavin RollinsJames St. GeorgeJudson SappDavid Theus and Amy Pope Wells.

So far, Cammack has been competitive on the fundraising front, collecting more than $200,000 in contributions and holding about $164,000 in her campaign account as of March 31.

Sapp and St. George lead in cash on hand, though both candidates have relied on their personal wealth to bolster their advantage.

Meanwhile, Chamberlin has raised about $100,000, Chase has raised $164,000 and Rollins has raised $106,000. The rest of the field has not cracked six figures raised.

CD 3 covers Alachua, Bradford, Clay, Putnam and Union counties as well as part of Marion. It is a safe Republican seat.

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