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Kat Cammack Announces Faith & Pro-Life Coalition

Updated: May 8, 2020

Kat Cammack is prepared to defend life in Washington and the faith community is behind her

Gainesville, FL - Kat Cammack, the Constitutional conservative candidate for Congress in Florida's Third Congressional District, is announcing her Faith and Pro-Life Coalition. The coalition is made up of extraordinary believers and advocates for the pro-life movement within and around FL-03.

Cammack's Faith and Pro-Life Coalition is the fourth coalition that she has announced thus far, the first three being her America First Coalition, Young Americans for Kat Coalition, and Second Amendment Coalition.

These coalitions are in addition to the scores of local endorsements Kat has earned thus far from community leaders and elected officials, as well as support from national conservatives such as U.S. Senator Rand Paul (R, KY), "We Build the Wall" founder, Brian Kolfage, and the Tea Party Express.

Kat Cammack made the following statement in response to releasing her Faith and Pro-Life Coalition:

"I am incredibly blessed to have these Floridians putting their support behind me in our campaign. Each and every one of them are integral to our fight for the unborn and for religious freedom. Their council means a great deal to me as I truly value their insight and many years of advocacy on the issues we hold dear.

"As a young, millennial, pro-life woman, I have the unique opportunity to engage with my generation and those younger on the importance of fighting for the unborn. If given the honor of representing our district on Capitol Hill, I will always defend life, the Constitution, and every American's freedom to worship, but in addition to supportive votes, I want residents of our district to know that I will never shy away from a fight on these issues. I will be a leader who will boldly advocate for the unborn in Washington and here in the Sunshine State. This issue is too important not to have a legislator willing to do so at every opportunity."

Faith and Pro-Life Coalition members gave the following statements:

Johnny and Gina Counts, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints-Palatka Ward, Palatka, FL:

“My wife and I are humbled that we have been invited to be part of Kat Cammack’s Faith and Pro-Life Coalition to help further the cause of religious liberty. Every citizen should insist on his or her constitutional right to exercise one’s belief and to voice one’s conscience on issues not only in the privacy of the home or the sanctity of the pulpit, but also in the public square and in the halls of justice. These are the rights of all citizens, including people, leaders, and organizations who have religious beliefs.

"As members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the Constitution of the United States is part of our Doctrine teachings and is the Lord’s form of government on earth for the benefit of all His children. We hope to share our beliefs and stand in defense of individual freedom for all to enjoy the blessings that come from divinity.”

Bobbie Backer, Ambassador - Presidential Prayer Team, Pine Grove Baptist Church, Gainesville, FL:

“I am honored to support Kat Cammack in her bid to represent Florida’s Third Congressional District. Through her work with Congressman Ted Yoho over the past eight years, she has learned how to navigate the system and enact positive policy changes for her constituency. Her staunch defense of the Constitution will ensure that our right to freedom of religion shall not be infringed. I stand with Kat in her defense of the unborn and I look forward to having her as my next congresswoman.”

Polly Hawkins, Eucharistic Minister, Holy Redeemer Catholic Church, Palm City, FL: 

“Florida’s 3rd will be blessed to have Kat as representative. She is a proven fighter for religious freedom, which is something that is vital in Washington, D.C., where regularly we see individuals stifling our ability to practice our faith. As a staunch supporter of the pro-life movement, I trust Kat to be a defender of the unborn.” 

  • Gayward Hendry, Pro-Life Community Leader, Middleburg United Methodists Church, Lake Asbury, FL

  • Fred and Edie Moulton, Sharon Baptist Church, Clay County, FL

  • Dorothy Parks, Advisory Board Member - Harmony Resource and Pregnancy Center, Member - First Baptist Church of Newberry, FL

  • Thad Boyd, Board Member - Women’s Pregnancy Center, Board Member - Kimberly’s Center, Ocala, FL

  • Brad Dinkins, Helping Hands Ministry, Ocala, FL

  • Steve Summerlin, Active Faith Leader, Gainesville FL 

  • Marty Wynkoop, The Family Church, Gainesville, FL

  • Carol Morell, Active Life Supporter, Gainesville, FL

  • M. Renee Hill, Pro-Life Activist, High Springs, FL

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