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Kat Cammack Announces her FL-03"America First Coalition"

As President Trump gears up for re-election, these same America First local conservatives are ready to work hard once again for him, but they are also lining up behind Kat to ensure she is elected to Congress

Gainesville, FL - Kat Cammack, the Constitutional conservative candidate for Congress in Florida's Third Congressional District, is announcing her local "America First Coalition." In 2016, President Trump had a strong group of core grassroots activists in and around FL-03 who worked tirelessly for his campaign to help secure victory in the Sunshine State. As our President gears up for re-election, these same America First conservatives are ready to work hard once again for Donald J. Trump, but they are also lining up behind Kat Cammack to ensure she is their next Member of Congress. Her "America First Coalition," which is the second grassroots coalition of many that she will unveil in the coming weeks, includes Republican leaders and other prominent activists who share the goal of supporting our President and ensuring his re-election this year. These local coalitions build on the several other FL-03 leaders and elected officials who have already put their support behind Kat's campaign, as well as national conservative voices such as Senator Rand Paul (R, KY) and "We Build the Wall" founder, Brian Kolfage. Kat Camack made the following statement in response to releasing her "America First Coalition:"  "President Donald Trump needs more allies in Congress who understand the importance of his America First agenda. I will be proud to go to Washington to fight alongside him to drain the swamp and advocate for the conservative values we hold dear. I am honored to have such strong support from local leaders in and around FL-03 who are the boots on the ground activists fighting for our President. Grassroots matters in elections, which is why it will be so crucial to have individuals like those on this coalition working hard for victory. I truly appreciate their confidence and support in our camapign." The following "America First Coalition" members gave their statements of support below: Sherrie McKnight, Former Chair of the RPOF Trump Voter Engagement Committee for the RPOF, former Chair for the Donald J Trump Campaign in Alachua County, former State Committee Woman of Alachua County, former Chair of the Congressional District 3 Caucus for the RPOF, and Co-Owner of Big Daddy Guns, Gainesville, Florida: "Kat Cammack is a force to be reckoned with. As a patriotic and conservative American, she fights for what she believes in and she has the backbone to stand firm rather than the typical 'go-along-to-get-along' attitude like so many in DC. She will hold firm to her values and support President Donald Trump in Washington. As a former participant in the Women for Trump Victory Tour, Kat has a proven track record of support for the President and I believe she will be an advocate for us as supporters of the President in carrying out the people's agenda." Layne Schultetus, State Committeeman for the Republican Party of Suwannee and top advocate for President Trump in the region, O'Brien, Florida: "My wife and I are very pleased to endorse Kat for congress. We have known Kat now for a decade and know her to be a consistent conservative who has already served our congressional district extremely well. She is a compassionate voice for the conservative movement and will have President Trump's back. We need strong people like Kat in the Congress who will represent the Christian conservative American values of North Central Florida." Lamar Moon, Chairman of the Alachua County Trump Support Squad, Gainesville, Florida: “We need someone who can hit the ground running in Washington, DC to help fight for President Trump's America First policies. That person is Kat Cammack. Kat is a true conservative who will fight on Capitol Hill to help keep America great! Please join me and vote for Kat Cammack for Florida's 3rd Congressional District as I look forward to seeing the great work that she will accomplish on the Hill.”  Carol Morrell, Founding Member of Red Hats of Gainesville and the Trump Support Squad, Gainesville, Florida: "Kat Cammack is my choice for Congress in FL-03. For eight years, she has worked diligently beside Congressman Ted Yoho as his deputy chief of staff and campaign manager. Kat will fight hard for our religious freedom, will defend true conservative values, and will support President Trump on these issues to keep America first."

  • Alan Berkelhammer, Former Steering Committee Member and Former Board Member of the Florida Alliance of Tea Parties, and top activist for President Trump in the region, Gainesville, Florida

  • Ronald Sartain, Co-Founder - Red Hats Gainesville, Gainesville, Florida

  • Linda Sartain, Co-Founder - Red Hats Gainesville, Gainesville, Florida

  • Suzi Ludwig, Founder of Keystone Heights for Trump, Keystone Heights, Florida

  • Hunter Peeler, Chair of the Columbia County Republican Committee and top activist for President Trump in the state, Columbia County, FL

  • Kay Christine Summerlin, Suwannee County State Committeewoman, member of the Executive Committee of the RPOF, member of Red Hats, Suwannee, Florida

Kat Cammack is a small business owner, a proud wife to a first responder, an alumnus of the United States Naval War College, and the longtime former Deputy Chief of Staff and Campaign Manager to Congressman Ted Yoho (R, FL-03). ##

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