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Kat Cammack brings in an impressive $254,000 haul in Q2, raising $461,000 to date

Finishes Q2 with $330,000 COH

Gainesville, FL - Kat Cammack, the Constitutional conservative for candidate Congress in FL-03, is proud to announce another impressive fundraising haul, raising more than a quarter million dollars in the second fundraising quarter of the year.

Kat has now raised more than $461,000 to date and has more than $330,000 cash on hand.

Excluding candidate loans, this is a record amount raised in FL-03. None of Cammack's Q1 or Q2 funds come from candidate loans. 

Kat Cammack, the Constitutional conservative for candidate Congress in FL-03, made the following statement:

"From the very moment we entered this race, the outpouring of support has been incredible. Hundreds of Floridians have rallied to our cause and they have done so generously. They have opened their wallets and pocketbooks to ensure we have the resources necessary to win. Quite frankly, it truly is humbling to have so many hardworking individuals put their faith in me and in our ability to change Washington.

"As we march towards Election Day, our campaign does so in an incredibly strong position. We are tied for first in polling. We are in the top tier with regards to fundraising. We are backed by national leaders like Senator Rand Paul and have released more local endorsements and coalitions than anyone else in this race. The voters of FL-03 can be assured that I am committed to continuing to put in the grit and hard work necessary to finish strong, build on our momentum, and finally bring more Constitutional conservative values to Washington."

Kat Cammack is a small business owner, a proud wife to a first responder, an alumnus of the United States Naval War College, and the longtime former Deputy Chief of Staff and Campaign Manager to Congressman Ted Yoho (R, FL-03)

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