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Kat Cammack Signs the Taxpayer Protection Pledge in Florida's Third Congressional District

Gainesville, FL - As announced by Americans for Tax Reform earlier today, Kat Cammack, candidate for Congress in Florida's Third Congressional District, has signed the organization's "Taxpayer Protection Pledge."

Cammack received congratulatory remarks from the organization after taking the pledge, which is a written commitment to the people of Florida to oppose income tax hikes.

Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform, made the following statement earlier today:

"The Taxpayer Protection Pledge stands as a barrier against tax hikes and makes continued pro-growth tax reform possible. We are ecstatic about Cammack’s decision to sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge to the taxpayers of Florida. The American people are tired of the tax-and-spend policies coming from Washington and they are looking for solutions that create jobs, cut government spending, and grow the economy. Signing the Taxpayer Protection Pledge and holding the line on taxes is the first step in that process.”

The full article from Americans for Tax Reform is attached here.

Kat Cammack, candidate for Congress in FL-03, responded with the following statement: 

"With out-of-control spending and skyrocketing debt and deficits in Washington due to Democrats pushing an extreme socialist agenda, it is imperative that we elect bold leaders who are unafraid of making the tough decisions to keep taxes low and spending in check. We need more Members of Congress who have the backbone to fight the status quo, but we also need new voices who have the ability and willingness to articulate the importance of these issues to new generations.

"As a staunch young conservative, I am proud to sign this pledge as a promise to families in FL-03. They can be assured that I will always fight to rein in bloated government spending and that I will look for every opportunity possible to keep more money in the pockets of hardworking Floridians."

Last month, Kat Cammack was proud to sign the U.S. Term Limits Pledge and today'sannouncement from Americans for Tax Reform builds upon the strong endorsement that U.S. Senator Rand Paul (R, KY) gave in support of Cammack last week.

Kat Cammack is a small business owner, a proud wife to a first responder, an alumnus of the United States Naval War College, and the longtime former Deputy Chief of Staff and Campaign Manager to Congressman Ted Yoho (R, FL-03).

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