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The Floridian Press: Kolfage Endorses Kat Cammack for Congress

By Daniel Molina | April 21, 2020

Brian Kolfage, an Iraq War Veteran and the founder of “We Build the Wall,” announced today that he was endorsing Kat Cammack in her congressional bid for Florida’s 3rd congressional district.

In a statement, Kolfage commented that “now more than ever, Washington needs conservative fighters who are willing to stand up to socialists and big government bureaucrats and alongside President Trump in his efforts to drain the swamp.” He added that “Floridians… are demanding that we elect leaders who will work with our President in his continued efforts to build the wall along our southern border and defend our nation from the detrimental effects of illegal immigration.”

He concluded that “after getting to know her and looking at the other candidates in this race,” Kolfage is “confident that Kat Cammack is exactly the conservative voice we need representing FL-03.”

He expressed that “she will work every day to ensure that the construction of a border wall and the support of our veterans are our country’s top priorities.”

In response, Cammack thanked Kolfage for his support, noting that he “is an American patriot who has already given so much in support of our country.” As well, she praised the veteran, saying that “from his selfless service during Operation Iraqi Freedom that resulted in him receiving the Purple Heart to his efforts in using the power of the American people and private sector to help President Trump in his efforts to build the wall along our southern border, Brian has never stopped fighting for our country.”

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