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Mayor of Lacrosse Endorses Kat Cammack

Mayor Dubberly understands the importance of small towns in America and she knows Kat is ready to protect them in Washington.

Gainesville, FL - Building on a consistent and steady momentum of local and national endorsements, Kat Cammack, the Constitutional conservative candidate for Congress in FL-03, has added Mayor Dianne Dubberly to her long list of mayoral endorsements. Dianne Dubberly has been the 20-year Mayor of Lacrosse. LaCrosse, also known as the “Potato District,” is just over 15 miles north of Gainesville. This rural town is mostly made up farmland dedicated to agriculture, including vegetables, cattle and potatoes. Natives and tourists have created the Packing Shed, a hub of fresh fruit and vegetables, one of the most popular areas in LaCrosse. The town is also known for its many small businesses.  Mayor Dianne Dubberly gave the following statement: "I offer my full support to Kat Cammack for Florida's 3rd Congressional District. I spoke with Kat recently and I am confident from our conversation that her positions will be for America, public safety, and the rights of citizens first. I am also confident that the small towns, such as the Town of LaCrosse, will be important to her along with the larger cities.  Kat represents our common-sense concerns, and an ardent advocate for the safety of our citizens." Cammack gave the following statement in response to the endorsement: "I am incredibly honored to have received this endorsement from Mayor Dianne Dubberly. She has given over 20 years to the betterment of the Town of Lacrosse. Dianne is earnestly devoted to protecting the safety of her citizens. If elected, I look forward to working for small towns and with Mayors like Dianne to ensure prosperity in Florida's Third Congressional District." In addition to several local endorsements and coalitions released by the campaign since Cammack announced her candidacy, she has been endorsed by a number of current and former District-area current and former mayors, including Mayor Jordan Marlowe of Newberry, Mayor Gib Coerper of Alachua, Mayor Gene Melvin of Brooker, Former Mayor Tony Brown of Keystone Heights, Mayor Brett Peterson of Crescent City, and Former Mayor James Mitzel. Kat has also earned support from top conservatives such as U.S. Senator Rand Paul (R, KY), "We Build the Wall" founder, Brian Kolfage, and the Tea Party Express.

Kat Cammack is a small business owner, a proud wife to a first responder, an alumnus of the United States Naval War College, and the longtime former Deputy Chief of Staff and Campaign Manager to Congressman Ted Yoho (R, FL-03).

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