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Mayor of Newberry Endorses Kat Cammack

Gainesville, FL - Today, Kat Cammack, candidate for Congress in Florida's Third Congressional District, announced that Mayor Jordan Marlowe has endorsed her campaign for Congress. Mayor Marlowe is the current Mayor of Newberry.

Mayor Jordan Marlowe made the following statement: “I am proud to support a strong conservative woman who will be ready and able to support our Constitution on her first day of office. FL-03 is large and diverse, and we need a candidate who understands our needs and reflects our diversity. Kat is the only candidate who can hit the ground running and not lose any momentum on the issues that matter most to us!” Candidate Kat Cammack made the following statement: "I am so honored to have the support of Mayor Jordan Marlowe. He has been a tireless advocate for Newberry and her citizens. I am proud to have work alongside him for the past several years. This endorsement brings us one step closer to continuing the great and meaningful work our constituents expect." ###

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