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Representative Ted Yoho's Brother Endorses Kat Cammack for FL-03

Tom Yoho served in Vietnam and he knows Kat is prepared to serve Florida's 3rd. 

Gainesville, FL - Building on a consistent and steady momentum of local and national endorsements, Kat Cammack, the Constitutional conservative candidate for Congress in FL-03, has added Tom Yoho to her long list of endorsements.

Tom Yoho is the brother of Representative Ted Yoho of Florida's 3rd Congressional District. Yoho served during the Vietnam War and worked as a small business manager. He is now retired and enjoys hunting and fishing.

Tom Yoho gave the following statement:

"Through the years, I've seen Kat work hard to fulfill her dreams of creating successful lives for the people around her. Her enthusiasm and endless energy is inspiring. As a business owner and then Deputy Chief of Staff for my brother in Congress, Kat has gained essential experience serving the communities of Florida at the local and national levels. She has learned how to get things done. Her work ethic and integrity is unmatched. 

"I agree with Kat's conservative views and applaud her support for our president, Donald Trump. Being a Vietnam veteran, I am especially proud of Kat's work to enhance the lives of and benefits for those who have served. Her support of the Second Amendment is critical. These issues are close to my heart.

"I ask the voters of FL-03 to give strong consideration of the abilities Kat Cammack has to offer the district in the great state of Florida and vote for Kat!"

Cammack gave the following statement in response to the endorsement:

"I am incredibly honored to have received this endorsement from Tom Yoho. I have long been inspired by Tom's dedication to America and his service during the Vietnam War. As a small business owner, I understand the challenges he faced trying to navigate the government's overbearing weight on those running businesses in America. If elected, I look forward to working for veterans and businessmen like Tom to ensure prosperity in Florida's Third Congressional District and across the United States."

In addition to several national endorsements and coalitions released by the campaign since Cammack announced her candidacy, Kat has earned support from top conservatives such as U.S. Senator Rand Paul (R, KY), "We Build the Wall" founder,Brian Kolfage, and the Tea Party Express.

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